Witch Hunt | Episode 52

After finding some peculiar loot and securing the lost iron ingot shipment, The Undecided return to Bryn Shander only to find themselves in the midst of a local murder investigation...

Date first aired:

16th of April 2022

Between Fangs and Hail | Episode 51

Our adventuring party finds themselves at the mercy of the elements while hunting down the gnolls that stole the lost iron shipment, which leads to an epic battle - snow storm included!

Date first aired:

20th of March 2022

In Pursuit | Episode 50

The Undecided brave the cold wilds of Icewind Dale as they embark on a search for a lost shipment of iron ingots...

Date first aired:

13th of March 2022

Barn Dealings | Episode 49

Our party is ambushed in a barn on the outskirts of Bryn Shander and is forced to deal with both, killers and potential allies in their search for information...

Date first aired:

6th of March 2022

Bryn Shander Beginnings | Episode 48

The Undecided arrive in Bryn Shander, gathering new information while spotting new opportunities as well as odd curiosities...

Date first aired:

26th of February 2022

Bird of Prey | Episode 47

The Party faces off against a monstrous foe on their path to Bryn Shander... 

Date first aired:

13th of February 2022

Wall of White | Episode 46

Our group embarks towards Bryn Shander but is surprised by a dangerous blizzard that not only splits up the group but also harbors something menacing within its icy winds...

Date first aired:

5th of February 2022

Tallying in Targos | Episode 45

The Undecided arrive in Targos and make some new discoveries there, which will urge them to make a choice on what road to take on next...  

Date first aired:

29th of January 2022

Displaced | Episode 44

Our group braves the wilderness of Icewind Dale on their way to Targos and runs into an unexpected ambush...

Date first aired:

22nd of January 2022

A Case for Dogs | Episode 43

The Undecided are informed of the troubles in Ten-Towns, only to find themselves with a plethora of local problems they can choose to help with if they want to explore Icewind Dale...

Date first aired:

15th of January 2022

In Winter's Grip | Episode 42

Our party finds themselves in Icewind Dale after a portal travel gone awry. Among heavy snowfall in the blackest of nights, they make their way to the nearby town of Bremen to reconvene what the current plan and goal are...

Date first aired:

8th of January 2022

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