The Adventure continues with...

Arc 3: Rime of The Frostmaiden (ongoing)

Family Found | Episode 41

Blackwater and his companions finally catch up to Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard and make a gruesome discovery which forces the group to face a hard choice... 

Date first aired:

19th of December 2021

The Thing in The Dark | Episode 40

The Undecided dig deeper into the Ossuary of the cemetery and come face to face with a Fade...

Date first aired:

11th of December 2021

The Warden | Episode 39

Our merry crew fights their way through the cemetery and stumbles across the source of the undead in the area...

Date first aired:

4th of December 2021

The Dead of Elturel's Gate | Episode 38

Our hopeful party stumbles across specters, shadows and worse as they approach the cemetery chapel of Elturel's Gate in search of Fosco and Elaine Blackbrew...

Date first aired:

27th of November 2021

Vigil among Candles | Episode 37

The Undecided find the last group of survivors in Elturel's Gate and finally get a new lead on Blackwater's missing parents...

Date first aired:

21st of November 2021

Daeliuz Torzalan | Episode 36

The Undecided snuff out some of the undead remnants of the High Hall's catacombs and make a new acquaintance along the way...

Date first aired:

12th of November 2021

Seeds of Laughter | Episode 35

Our group stumbles upon a cackling surprise rooted deep within the catacombs of High Hall...

Date first aired:

5th of November 2021

Frightful Corridors | Episode 34

The Undecided make their way into the catacombs beneath High Hall and have a horrifying encounter that leaves its mark...  

Date first aired:

30th of October 2021

Blood on the Flagstone | Episode 33

Our troupe of heroes faces the white-winged fiend protecting the cathedral and realize that devils in Avernus are pretty hard to take down...

Date first aired:

23rd of October 2021

Heresy at High Hall | Episode 32

The Undecided make it to High Hall and come face to face with the powerful fiend leading the attack on the cathedral...

Date first aired:

17th of October 2021

Ruins of a City | Episode 31

Our party is ambushed on the streets of Elturel's Gate and try to survive the onslaught of fiendish forces while the ruins of The High Hall tower above them...

Date first aired:

2nd of October 2021

Bridge Fiend | Episode 30

As The Undecided fight their way through the ruins of Elturel's Gate, they are faced with a difficult choice to make to get past a powerful entity blocking them from reaching the High Hall...

Date first aired:

25th of September 2021

Basement Stories | Episode 29

As The Undecided make their way through the ruins of what was once Elturel, they stop to rescue a couple of survivors and answer a call for help - only to find a grim turn in events...

Date first aired:

18th of September 2021

Into The Mouth Of Hell | Episode 28

Our party takes Aethel Leonin up on her offer and finally make their way to Avernus, the first layer of The Nine Hells. There, they finally uncover what fate had befallen the two cities of Elturel and Horgrim's Gate...

Date first aired:

11th of September 2021

Discord | Episode 27

Upon meeting a new party of interest, our heroes venture into the catacombs of Candlekeep to retrieve a famed 'tuning key' that will hopefully help them in unlocking their path to Avernus to find Blackwater's missing parents...

Date first aired:

5th of September 2021

The Veil Lifted | Episode 26

Recovering from their loss, The Undecided make their way to Candlekeep to unravel the mystery about the local happenings and some also find out more about themselves...

Date first aired:

21st of August 2021

Rage's End | Episode 25

The hour is dark as our party is surprised by an Orc ambush on their way to Candlekeep and one of them falls...

Date first aired:

15th of August 2021

Consequences | Episode 24

After an arduous journey at sea, our party of The Undecided finally arrive at Horgrim's Gate - only to be met with a shocking revelation that changes plans all around...

Date first aired:

8th of August 2021

Parley | Episode 23

After a clash with the Scarlet Brotherhood, our pirate party overthrows a ship and makes new plans for the mission ahead. Some goodbyes are said and some go their separate ways...  

Date first aired:

1st of August 2021

Battle upon the Waves | Episode 22

The Undecided make their way towards Revelya, crossing the Azure Sea once more in the hopes of finding Blackwater's missing parents. However, things turn sour as the hunters suddenly become the hunted upon the waves...  

Date first aired:

25th of July 2021

A Matter of Family | Episode 21

Making their way back to Saltmarsh, our party decides on where the next leg of the journey will take them but upon their arrival, they find an old family matter unresolved, which changes things...  

Date first aired:

18th of July 2021

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